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Local Lodge 243

 Organizing Campaign

There has been a great deal of work going on within District 98,more specifically in Local 243. Our district has a fulltime organizer, who works to help non union shops, who are seeking to have the I.A.M. represent them.

The District 98 organizer is Robert Myers, Bobby to most of his friends and union brothers.Recently the York County Prison, was accepted into the I.A.M. Also FPI, a local company was accepted into our local. Bobby has many other companies, that he is trying to organize at this time.

Many times a petition for union representation, will never get to a vote. Because the company successfully plants enough fear, in the employees minds. That they are afraid of what will happen if the vote isn't successful. They need to know that they are protected from retaliation by the company, by Federal Labor Laws. Most working people don't realize, the protection the government has provided. To those who seek union representaion.

We the members of the I.A.M., need to let people in non-union shops, know what the I.A.M. can do for them. Simply the fact that most union workers receive higher pay, than their non-union counterparts. If you know of any non union workplaces, try to talk to some of the people. Share with them, the benefits of having union representation. If you have a lead, let Bobby Myers know about it. There is a $50.00 finders fee to anyone who gives a lead which leads to petitioning for I.A.M. representation. It doesn't matter what the out come of a vote is. Bobby can be contacted at the Dstrict 98 office ph# 717-600-1198 or by email at rmyers@iamawdl98.org

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Last modified: 2/18/2010

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